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Name: Katho or Minibate, take your pick.

Age: 18

Location: Perth, Western Australia

Hobbies or Interests: horse riding (dressage is love), rugby, music, writing, art (i love oil pastels...) acting and theatre

At least 5 of your favorite bands: Reel Big Fish, the Grates, Placebo, Queen, R.E.M., Jebediah, Queens of the Stoneage, Dresden Dolls, The Sugarcubes (i heart Bjork) and the list goes on...

At least 5 of your favorite songs:hmm... 'Before i Go' Unwritten Law, Delicious Demon, the Sugarcubes, Science is Golden, the Grates, Isobel, Bjork.

Who is your hero and why?: my hero? River Phoenix.

Is the glass half empty or half full?: can't it be both?

What is your biggest fear?: that when i die i will just cease to exist, that i wont have a soul or a conscience and i'll just end, no longer have any knowledge that i existed.

What is something you've always wanted to try, but are too scared to try?: umm... taking my horse over a 1.4m solid wall in showjumping... im a wuss.

What is your earliest memory?: chasing my lamb around the back yard when i was about 4.

Do you have more friends than you can count on one hand?: yes, though only a few i see/talk to on a regular basis.

Why did you choose to join this community?: because ive tried venting about all my angsty love/hate relationships in my normal journal and no one seems to care/have any advice or be in similar situations. i just need to speak to similar people. 

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