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Me.. I think..

Name: Scott
Age: 22
Location: Texas
Hobbies or Interests: Song and Poetry writing, Movie buff, reading, ect.
At least 5 of your favorite bands: Shinedown, 3 Doors Down, Three Days Grace, Seether, Evanescence, Stone Sour, Saliva, Nickelback, I could go on and on..
At least 5 of your favorite songs: Stranger Inside, My Immortal, Lost in the Crowd, Here by Me, Let Me Go, Fine Again, Wake Up, ect.
Who is your hero and why?: Grandfather was my hero and he died a few years ago. He was like a father to me since my father walked out when I was young.
Is the glass half empty or half full?: Definately half empty.
What is your biggest fear?: Not finding someone to love me as strongly as I do them. So far it has been a fact.
What is something you've always wanted to try, but are too scared to try?: As morbid as it sounds.. suicide. I contemplate it a lot but don't have the guts.
What is your earliest memory?: Being with my Grandma and Grandpa.
Do you have more friends than you can count on one hand?: Heh, right. No.
Why did you choose to join this community?: Just came out of a relationship that I've poured myself into for years now only for her to.. blah, nevermind that. I was faintly curious if there are others like me.

There you go, I filled it out. Heh. Now what?

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