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This is lame...

I've been typing out a story that popped in to my head. I think it is chessey. I thought what the hack to post it and see what others think. As I write more I will post it if you want to read it let me know. Thanks. Sorry if I am just wasting your time.

Forbidden Love

A passionate relationship of two people, Candy Cane and Sheep Boy, that endures faith, betrayal, trust, devastation, and finding true love. They meet one stormy day while walking in the park. As Candy and Sheep pass by each other, the wind that is exchange between them, as their shoulders almost touch, makes them both turn their heads to get a second glace. A glace from Candy, indicates she can’t resist the charisma of Sheep, yet she knows in the back of her mind she has a lover waiting for her. The glace from Sheep, indicates speculation if after all these years of searching, has he pass by that true love he depressive desires, in hope of being completely happy. As the glace is taken and the two keep walking on, a roar of thunder is heard from the sky with a flash of lightening. A sure sign from above representing that a relationship between Candy Cane and Sheep Boy is about to transpire and change the world, as we know it.

Candy and Sheep are astonish to find out faith has put them together again in the same place. They are taking the same class together allowing them to be partners, do group work, and explore their relationship that is blooming. They form an acquaintance that leads them to giving rides to each other’s cars and a long lunch date. Each one of them fail to perceive that deep down they secretly are affected to one another.

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